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ORIENTAL MEDICINE refers to the art and practice of combining Chinese herbs and formulae for a therapeutic effect. Chinese Herbology impacts the chemistry of the body.

Each plant, mineral, and in some cases, animal, carries with it a quality, function, and flavor. An acrid herb is uplifting and may be used to lift exterior excess up and out of the body. By contrast, a sour herb has an astringing action that restrains and holds in.

Herbs work together in different ways. Some are complimentary, working together to enhance one, the other, or both. Some Chinese herbs negate each other. This can be a positive interaction if what they are nullifying is toxic, as an example.

Chinese Herbal Therapy is used alone or in in conjunction with Acupuncture. This branch of Chinese medicine is very complex and requires a practitioner skilled in the art and practice of Chinese Herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese herbals are available on the
products section of this website or by calling 214.717.1217. Those herbal remedies that are appropriate for household use will be described and available without approval. Other herbal products will be sold but approval is required. Please call 214.717.1217 to set up your phone consultation for herbal remedies.

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