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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine uses the following for a therapeutic effect:

Acupuncture - The insertion of very fine needles along meridians, lines of energy, on the body
Gua Sha - Scraping of the skin to relieve tight muscles or release toxins
Cupping – Use of suction to release toxins and move energy
Tui Na – Asian Therapeutic Massage
Electro-Stim therapy – Use of electric stimulation of acupuncture needles to relieve pain
Moxa or TDP Lamp – Heat Therapy
Auricular Therapy – Ear acupuncture or seeds
Qi Gong – Use of moving energy techniques
Meditation – Relaxation, calming the mind and emotions, absorbing energies
Chinese Nutrition – Therapeutic use of food
Chinese Herbology – Therapeutic use of herbs and minerals

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Restore balance and relieve pain through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Life’s challenges may cause a person to become out of balance. These imbalances may impact the systems and organs in the body. Pathologies and pain can be the result of prolonged disharmony.

The vital energy of life, called Qi in Chinese Medicine, may become stagnant or retain negativity if it is restricted in the body. Pathology and pain may be the result of continuous or extended blocked energy.

Chronic restrictions and improper energy flow may manifest as digestive disorders, tinnitus, ageing, infertility, bronchial conditions, gynecological disorders, anxiety, weight gain, headaches, depression, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, acne, digestive disorders, inability to relax, irritability, masses, muscle tension, lack of energy...and many more

The positive flow and purity of energy which flows through one’s body is paramount to the attainment and maintenance of vitality and wellness.

Reduce pain…relieve stress…enjoy life


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